Facebook's 2k of JavaScript to power (almost) all interactions

FacebookAt the JsConf 2010 (JavaScript Conference 2010), Nigeria's own Makinde Adeagbo gave a talk on the recent optimizations for facebook ...

Ext Designer 1.0: WYSIWYG application design tool for the Web

Ext Designer

This has been said because Ext is a very high level language for Web development. It is almost DSL like versus offering low level functions that you can sprinkle in your code. If you buy into the Ext way then you can build UIs in a very simple manner through JSON. This is all perfectly setup for a design tool, and with Ext Designer, they have it.

Feature Highlights

JQuery 1.4 Released !!

jQuery is a great library for developing ajax based application. It is a library for the JavaScript programmers, which simplifies the development of web 2.0 applications. You can use jQuery to develop cool web 2.0 applications. jQuery helps the programmers to keep code simple and concise. The jQuery library is designed to keep the things very simple and reusable.

jQuery library simplifies the process of traversal of HTML DOM tree. You can use jQuery to handle events, perform animation, and add the ajax support into your web applications with ease.