The Department began in September ,1975 as a sub-section of the Department of Economics and Business Studies, it became autonomous and full fledged in July  1977 as the Department of Economics and Statistics . Since 19768, when it produced its first  set of Graduates. The Department has also successfully produced at least 34 Post-graduate Students including 5 at the Doctoral Level.

Aims and Objectives

The major objectives of the Department of Economics and Statistics is to offer a sound educational preparation in Economics , Banking and Finance to all students enrolled in this area and to give them a firm foundation for effective participation in the Society in general and Nigeria in particular as Economists, Bankers , Financiers, Administrators Management  Executives and Allied Professionals.To this end, the Department offers academic programmes leading to the Diploma in Banking and Finance, B.Sc.M.Sc.Degrees in Economics. Banking and Finance and Ph.D.Degree in Economics and Statistics.

Social Sciences
Dr D Oriakhi
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