The Network section is a sub unit of Uniben ICT and is responsible for planning, designing, implementing, maintaining and supporting communication network within the university.

Our goal is to ensure the availability of network infrastructure in order to provide maximum intranet / internet services for students, Staff and other users in the University Community. The services includes but not limited to in-house- voice, video, data and wireless services.


  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of in-house servers
  • Design and deployment of wireless access points, switches and routers
  • Troubleshooting network performance issues
  • Identify users needs
  • Receive and respond to incoming work orders, calls and emails regarding connectivity issues
  • Connecting users nodes and peripherals to the network
  • Managing users ability to access the internet via the network
  • Adding users to and removing users from the network
  • Ensure a high level of service delivery to staff and students
  • Administer and maintain users account, permission and access rights
  • Performs all network equipment and software upgrades
  • Manage security solutions including firewall, antivirus and intrusion detection system
  • Evaluate and modify network performance
  • Analyze and isolate network issues
A computer network is a set of computers connected together for the purpose of sharing resources. The most common resource shared today is connection to the Internet. Other shared resources can include a printer or a file server.