Institute of Public Administration and Extension Services,University of Benin

It was created to serve as a management and administrative center for excellence from which administrative and managerial expertise in the health, socio-economic and administrative areas could be made available to the Nigerian public and interest organizations in particular and the African region in general

Prof. Stanley Aibieye
Director IPAES

Welcome Note

You are all welcome to the Institute of Public Administration and Extension Services of the University of Benin. I want to welcome also all returning students. All of you have worked very hard to reach this stage. New students have to pass the University Entrance Examination in addition to their qualifications. Some of you old students scaled through the sessional examinations, the result of which has been approved by the Senate. Congratulations.The new session is new in very many respects, therefore, ALL students are enjoined to base their actions on correct information from staff of the Institute particularly the Course Coordinators.

No action should be based on rumours often generated by people in the system especially students and others who may have ulterior motives. Vital information which MUST NOT be ignored by ALL students are provided in the next few pages of this brochure. As can be expected, these pieces of information are not exhaustive, hence you need to complement such by contacts with appropriate Institute and University personnel. Once again, you are welcome and I wish you a happy session. Thank you.
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