Our Units

The Organizational Structure of the Institute

The Administrative structure of the Institute is as follows : Office of the Director The Director manages, co-ordinates and controls the academic and administrative work of the Institute. He is directly responsible to the Vice-chancellor of the University. He is assisted by a Senior Administrative Officer who is centrally deployed from the Registry.The units are as follows:

Administrative Studies Division

This Division, headed by a senior academic staff, organizes and runs the following courses: Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration (PGDPA)

Health Management Studies Division

The Division, also headed by a senior academic staff, runs the following courses:

  • Diploma in Primary Health Care and Statistics (DPHCS)
  • Diploma in Nursing Administration and Management (DNAM)
  • Diploma in Health Administration and Management (DHAM)

Extension Services Division

The Division runs all short-term courses in Health, Administration and related courses. It constantly liaises with the Federal, State and Local Government of the Federation and with the parastatals and interested private sector enterprises in respect of the research, extension and consultancy activities of the Institute. It advises these various organizations on the essence of consultancies and takes up research projects on their behalf. In addition, it publishes the institutes journals, manuscripts, lectures, seminars and other works and tests. It runs the Institute’s special library/reading room.