About Us

Welcome to Security Department, University of Benin.

Who We Are

The Security Department is an arm of the University of Benin, which renders essential services and protects lives and property within the University Community on a continuous basis. On account of the vastness of the size of the two far-flung Campuses, adequate and regular policing of all University and Personal property (moveable & immoveable) is a sine qua non for their safety. University property/equipment cost colossal Sums of money and if lost to thieves, will be hard to replace. The presence of Students on Campus makes it easier for anti-social elements to penetrate the campus and operate, particular on wet days and nights. The weekends and public holidays pose more challenging problems for the Security Department with its present staffing position. A dearth of manpower exists in the Department.

The Security Department which is an arm of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office is classified Into the following:


Crime Unit

Intelligence Unit

Fire Unit

General Operation Unit

Communication Unit

Traffic Unit

Finance and Stores Unit