Security Department,University of Benin

This Department renders essential services and protects lives and property within the University Community on a continuous basis


Welcome Note

Welcome to the Security Department, University of Benin.It is an arm of the University of Benin, which renders essential services and protects lives and property within the University Community on a continuous basis. On account of the vastness of the size of the two far-flung Campuses, adequate and regular policing of all University and Personal property (moveable & immoveable) is a sine qua non for their safety.Read more.....

Security/Safety Tips Section 1

  • Students are advised to always walk together at night while going to class to read or other places with and outside campus.
  • Students should avoid keeping large sums of money in the hostel, all such monies should be put in the bank.
  • All staff and students having cars should always make sure their vehicles are rolled up and locked when not in use.
  • All staff and students should always collect their disc at the entrance and exit for proper identification.

Security/Safety Tips Section 2

  • All staff and students should always observe their environment for strange items and unconventional attitudes and dispositions.
  • All staff and students should mark their personal effects
  • All staff and students should always be security conscious.
  • Staff and students should always put on their identity cards, for easy spotting of strange faces.
  • Always draw the attention of security personnel to any strange thing around you.

Security/Safety Tips Section 3

  • All offices should be locked after the day’s work.
  • Promptly reports cases of missing items like identity cards, A.T.M cards to the security department.
  • The culture of proper housekeeping should always be maintained for easy identification of missed items.
  • Avoid walking at night with large sum of money on you.
  • Always identify strange face around you when going to the bank and coming out.

Security/Safety Tips Section 4

  • Proper record keeping and handover to always be done
  • Avoid keeping your disc in your car
  • Always avoiding buying used items.
  • Always make use of warning tags to avoid unauthorized access.
  • All office appliances should be switched off after the day’s work in order to avoid electrical fire outbreak
  • Make sure you know your vehicle numbers off hand for easy identification in case of theft