Our Units

The Security Department which is an arm of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office is classified into eight(8) Units.They are as follows:


This Unit is involved in the overall effective management of staff of the Security Department in order to achieve its aims and objectives, or raison d’être. Other duties involve the execution of University policies and such orders that the University authorities may pronounce from time to time. This Unit is the link between the Security Department and the University authorities. It deals with matters of routine nature, welfare of staff, matters of discipline and correspondence with other Departments of the University. It is also the Headquarters of the Department where routine records are maintained.


The intelligence Unit was previously a Sub Unit in Crime Office Unit. Over time, it was split into two Unit when it became crystal clear that Intelligence functions were distinct from those of Crime Unit. The Intelligence Unit has a sizeable number of Security Personnel. These personnel who are always in mufti are sent out to the various Departments, Faculties and entire Campus for information gathering. When they receive information, they pass such information to the Head of Intelligence Unit who further inform the CSO for necessary action. The personnel in this Unit write intelligence reports to the Vice Chancellor through the CSO intimating the University authorities of vital information as they are received.


  • . This Unit of the Security Department reacts to all Criminal and Security breaches reported or detected on Campus.
  • It effects the arrest of offenders, interrogate them and recommends sanctions against them, where a prima- facie case exists.
    For the offenders which are outside the jurisdiction of the University authorities, it liaises with the Civil Police for further investigation and possible prosecution in the Courts of Law. It maintains Crime statistics, stores exhibits in the exhibit room, pending the disposal of cases in which they are involved. Staff of this Unit who mostly are seasoned investigators (retirees from the armed Forces and the Police) go to Courts of Law regularly to file evidence in matters in which the interests of the University are involved.
  • Appearances before the various University Disciplinary bodies to prosecute cases involving staff and students. It visits all crime scenes search for clues about the modus operandi of anti- social elements and the identification of the Culprits.


The fire Unit of the Security Department is vital not only to the Department in particular, but to the university in general. Its function includes:
  • The detection and prevention of fire.
  • Inspection of fire Hydrants and all other firefighting equipment to determine their fitness for use.
  • The preparation of fire reports and studying the topography of the University Campuses in advance, so as to reach fire scenes timely.
  • Putting out fire and summoning aid from Edo State Fire Service, Nigeria Air Force Base Fire Service Unit , the Nigeria Army Fire Service Unit and/or any other government agency or parastatal, to subdue an inferno and rescue lives in high rises. The Unit also responds to fire calls from outside the Campus after due consultation with the Chief Executive of the University
  • Visiting offices, classroom and Laboratories to ensure that firefighting equipment are in place and functional and to detect possible causes of fire outbreak and execute precautionary measures.
  • To enlighten members of the University Community on the prevention of fire.
  • To organize fire drills for Security Personnel in particular and by extension, members of the University Community. These would give them the knowledge and technical know how to operate fire extinguishers placed in various areas when there is outbreak of fire.


The maintenance of Law and order is in this sphere. This involves:
  • The rendering of 24hours Security Coverage for all infrastructures within and outside the Campuses. Searching of Vehicles, policing of sensitive areas within and outside the Campuses, and Policing of all established and on-going infrastructures etc.
  • Policing Street lights and heavy generators in both Campuses, to prevent the theft of their fittings, and also guarding Anatomy Department (Mortuary) etc.
  • Security coverage for all special engagements and ceremonies within the University.
  • V.I.P. protection and escort.
  • Effective foot and motorized patrols of the University’s two far – flung Campuses (Ugbowo &Ekehuan Campuses). The former is extensively large.
  • Training of new staff and retraining of old Staff; supervision of guards on three – shift beat duties by shift leaders at their various beats and posts to ensure their alertness and compliance with standing instructions on beat duties.
  • Monitoring of reaction of the University Community to policies of the University management.
  • Monitoring of activities of students and Labour bodies on Campus. There are twelve Zones at present in Ugbowo Campus Vizs Zone “A”, Zone “B”, Zone “C”, Zone “D”, Zone ”E”, Zone “F”, Zone “G”, Zone “H”, Zone “I”, Zone “J”, Zone “K”, Zone “L”.

These Zones have three shift Leaders and one Zonal Commander each.


This Unit has its operational base in the Vice Chancellor’s Office. It is the central base station for all communication networks on Campus. The Zones gives and receives information to and from the Zonal Commanders and shift leaders as the case may be. It is with the aid of Walkie-Talkie that Communications Unit is able to reach out to Ekehuan Campus for information dissemination. This Unit operates a 24 hours shift duty.


The traffic Unit of the Security Department. is another vital Unit. This Unit has such functions as:
  • To control Vehicular and human traffic on both Campuses (Ugbowo & Ekehuan).
  • It performs social Services by responding to distress calls such as auto accidents on Campus.
  • It settles disputes among consenting disputants within the University where necessary.


The Finance and Stores Units are directly responsible to the CSO. The Finance Unit is in Charge of all financial transactions in the department. This Unit has such functions as:
  • Processing all Financial transactions of the Security Department. in Bursary.
  • It is responsible for purchases of Security kits and other items
  • This Unit is in charge of payment of honorarium to deserving Security Staff.
The Store Unit shares the same Office with the Finance Unit. The Security Kits, Files, Vehicle parts, Uniforms, Stationeries etc. are kept in the store for safety. The needed items are issued by the Officer in charge of the stores to deserving Security Personnel upon approval by the CSO.