Office of the Director

Prof. Frederick Ekhaise, Director ICTU/CRPU
08029893015, 08063856316
The Information Communication and Technology/Central Records Processing Unit (ICTU/CRPU), University of Benin, Benin City was established in 1999. It is saddled with the responsibilities of deploying internet services, development of softwares and maintenance of hardwares.

This is an integral component and hub of the University that has a clear vision and mission to service all sectors of the University. The Unit is charged with the responsibility of delivering quality and more robust ICT services and programmes to accelerate the goals of the institution and further bring the University to the lime light of Technological advancement.


The University of Benin is rated high among other Universities in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa for the robust information, communication and technical development, through the machineries put together by the ICT Department of this great institution.


The Unit is a Directorate under the office of the Vice Chancellor and it comprises of the following sub-units:

  1. Central Records Processing Unit.
  2. International ICT Training Centre.
  3. Web Development Unit.
  4. Computer Maintenance Unit
  5. Networking Unit
  6. ID Card Processing Unit
  7. Certificate Processing Unit

Each sub-unit has its specific roles and functions in the university and collectively, the staff form a formidable and unbeatable team saddled with the responsibility of taking the institution to the desired technological level.

Other Achievements

It is note-worthy that the ICT/CRPU of this University has made the University of Benin the first University in Nigeria to independently develop the Computer Based Test (CBT) Software for the conduct of Post-University Matriculation Examinations (POST UTME) in 2015 and other internal and external examinations.

Additionally, the Unit is responsible for the capturing of students and staff data.